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Welcome to the Commercial Energy Calculator which will show you:

  • Where your facility's energy dollars are going, and
  • Tips on how you can save money and energy.

This screening tool is designed to model single-building/single-use facilities and will estimate electric and fuel usage, as well as estimate potential areas for savings. Please be aware that there are situations where a single building model is no longer a realistic way to model a facility. For example, university style hospitals, college campuses, and resorts are often multiple building situations. In addition, many large office buildings have restaurants, banks, and retail areas in the lower floor areas.

Just fill in the facility profile shown here on the left. Tips will appear on the right side of the page to help make the best selections for your building type and business use. If you don’t see the exact match to your situation, just pick one that is close. Then, press the Calculate button at the bottom of the screen to receive your personalized energy analysis for your facility.